Updated Food Menu! Seasonal Changes are Here!

We like to keep things as fresh and local as possible and that means adjusting our palette with the weather and seasonal foods that surround us in beautiful Enumclaw.

We strive to strike a balance between honoring your favorite dishes (trust us, lots of our menu items don’t need to change!) and presenting the freshest, most local and most vibrant dishes that highlight the strengths of our location and food philosophies.

We’re very pleased with our most recent edition of the menu and more than eager to share it with you, so please join us soon and don’t hesitate to ask questions and give any feedback you have!

Here is a sampling of the new additions to the Mint’s menu for fall 2014:

Soft pretzel sticks.

Soft pretzel sticks.


cheeseburger sliders – two mini burgers topped with havarti cheese and smoked tomato mayo on pretzel buns. served with fries.

soft pretzel sticks – three soft pretzels served with whole grain mustard sauce and arrabbiata sauce. (bar snack delicatessen!)

hummus and goat cheese plate – Mama Lil’s pickled goat peppers and chevre cheese on top of garlic hummus served with grilled flatbread and sliced cucumbers.

Green curry.

Green curry.


creole jambalaya – choice of chicken or prawns. with local andouille sausage and vegetables cooked in a spicy roux and served over rice.

green coconut curry and rice – fresh vegetables, tamari stir-fried rice and coconut green curry sauce with mango-papaya salsa. (add prawns or salmon!)

chicken parmesan – Parmesan and panko-breaded chicken breast over linguine tossed in arrabbiata sauce over grilled asparagus.


Philly sandwich – chopped beef, onions, and Mama Lil’s peppers tossed in cheese sauce and served on a CJ’s hoagie roll.

Hummus plate.

Hummus plate.


grilled romaine Louie salad – prawns or Dungeness crab.grilled heart of romaine topped with old bay dressing, asparagus, kalamata olives and a fried egg.

Italian cobb salad – romaine lettuce topped with grilled chicken, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, kalamata olives, sun-dried soleggiati tomatoes, Mama Lil’s peppers, fried basil and three cheese ravioli. served with creamy Italian dressing on the side.

Stay tuned for a blog feature detailing some of our local items and vendors!

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